Wanderlust Chronicles: Travel Stories Shared by Our Readers


Welcome to the Wanderlust Chronicles: An ongoing series of tales that take you to lands near and far. Join us as we follow the steps of our readers, voyaging through unfamiliar lands, meeting new friends, and experiencing cultures differently than our own. Whether you’re seeking fresh perspectives on classic destinations, or are ready to explore the unknown, this is the perfect place to inspire your wanderlust. So, sit back and enjoy the stories, sights, and insights shared by our readers on their remarkable journeys.

1. Venturing Through Time and Space: Our Reader’s Global Travel Tales

Even the most experienced travelers had to start somewhere. We’d like to present you with some inspiring tales from some of our readers. From the deep canyons of Arizona to the misty jungles of Bali, their stories recount how they used their wanderlust and sense of adventure to make the most of their travels. Let’s have a look:

  • An Endless Exploration: Tina’s visit to Thailand and Vietnam meant diving through the culture, its customs and rituals. She was always in search of something new to try – climbing every mountain she saw and snorkeling in the Andaman Sea. She was awed by the sheer beauty of every tiny detail, and shares with us how stimulating it can be to explore a brand new place.
  • A Jigsaw to Piece Together: Paul’s experience exploring the landscape of North India was a unique one – both emotionally and visually. He often found himself stumbling into moments of reflection he couldn’t explain. Shots of desert pilgrimages, street processions, vibrant festivals, and stunning panoramas of the cities made him feel as if he was connecting all the dots of a very big jigsaw puzzle.
  • A Spontaneous Journey: For Rebecca, her journey around the United States was an entirely unique surreal experience. She wasn’t out to tick items off a list, the journey rather began suddenly when she found a cheap flight. With only a few plans in mind, she set off with an open mind and spirit, and was pleasantly surprised by the places she encountered. With a little spontaneity, her visit ended up being a life-changing experience.

We hope these stories of discovery take you on a journey – even if you’re just sitting comfortably at home, and inspire you to see the world with your own eyes. Happy travels!

2. Tales of Hidden Treasures: Adventuring with Our Reader’s Travel Diaries

We hear your stories, and it seems no two are alike! Quick-paced weekend trips, immersive foreign adventures, and lengthy pilgrimages – whether it’s a search for culture, cuisine, or riches, each destination has something to offer. It’s your own secret story, and you are living it out of sight, sharing only what you want.

We know your itineraries are full, so it’s no surprise that you don’t have the time to document your travels. Once back home, memories of these escapades fade faster than you expect. But what if you could relive these moments any time you wanted?

Our readers have done it, leaving behind a time-capsule of their escapades that we can share with the world. Here are some of their stories, all full of hidden treasures, waiting to be discovered.

  • The wonders of the Serengeti, uncovered in 6-weeks of breath-taking discovery
  • The shattered depths of the Cambodian jungle, an unexpected journey with a very lucky ending
  • The food and culture of India, delivered as only a local can
  • Our longest journey: trekking to Mount Everest and back – no-one ever thought they’d make it this far

Their stories, and yours, are there for the taking. So come join us on these adventures of a lifetime, and discover the hidden treasures out there – to be remembered forever.

3. Adventuring Across New Horizons: Unfamiliar Climes and Unknown Cultures

To most, adventuring is a far-fetched dream. To the restless few, it is a calling. Taking the spirit of exploration to its full potential, journeying across new continents and embracing unknown cultures are some of the most enriching experiences an individual can have.

The thrill of the unknown, the beauty of discovering something unprecedented; these are the details that make a romantic vision of venturing a reality. Battling any internal reservations, you take a bold step to unfamiliar climes. Whether far from home or closer than expected, your openness to other ways of life make the travelling incredible.

Your journey takes you through lands ravishing enough to quiet an unexperienced soul:

  • Sensational sunsets breaching blue skies, casting a mesmerizing shade of golds and oranges across the horizons.
  • Majestic mountain ranges, rising incomprehensible heights, higher than you imagined was possible to climb and vanquish.
  • Untouched beaches, a paradise of white sand running on for miles, just begging for someone to tread over it.

An adventurers playground surely!

The people add another layer of color to your grand vision. It is without a doubt a testimony of the world’s wonderful diversity you witness first hand. Whether it be shaking hands and conversing with locals, or delving into the culture, the appreciation that comes with understanding unknown customs is a hard to compare.

Your travels bring forth moments that will not easily be forgotten, and serve as a reminder of what is possible when venturing off the beaten track.

4. Our Readers’ Memories of Wanderlust: Awe-Inspiring Journeys across the Globe

Everyone has a different story to tell about their journey and how they felt while travelling. Our readers shared their breathtaking memories of wanderlust from the awe-inspiring destinations they visited around the world:

  • Victoria from France described her memories of the lavender fields in Provence as being “peaceful and calming”.
  • Matilda from Sweden experienced the mountain range of Torres del Paine in Chile through “a wave of emotions from awe to excitement and every feeling in between”.
  • Karen from the US recalled her mesmerizing journey to the National Parks in Utah, “The views from the top were absolutely mesmerizing, with snow-capped mountains, unique rock formations, and all the vastness below.”
  • Marco from Italy said his trip to the Galapagos Islands was something he’d “never forget” and that he hoped to go back one day.

These stories just scratched the surface of our readers’ adventures across the globe. From salar de Uyuni in Bolivia to the “living fossil” karst of Zhangjiajie in China, our readers’ stories encouraged us to look beyond the ordinary and be open to discovering the unknown.

We hope these stories have opened your eyes to the possibilities of exploring the world, experiencing different cultures and creating your own memories. We invite you to be inspired, explore and share your journey with us.

5. A Journey of the Senses: Our Reader’s Epic Experiences Across the World

Tastes Unforgettable

What do you associate with the word ‘travel’? For some, it conjures up images of majestic castles and snow-capped alps. For many, the inescapable sensation of delectable flavours lingers on the tongue, and in the memory, for years after.

This reader certainly discovered that wherever they went, unique flavours were to be enjoyed. In Rio, there was the vatapá – a creamy, fish-based dish for which Brazil is famous. In Japan, there was the tempura, offering a light and crispy texture. Lastly, in Mexico, no list could go without mentioning the piquant tacos al pastor.

Sights That Amaze

No trip is complete without a few awe-inspiring landmarks. Firstly, our reader saw the astonishing beauty of the Taj Mahal in India; having ascended to its rooftop, the scale and majesty of the structure was unparalleled. Secondly, they ventured to the ancient city of Petra in Jordan – entering through the picture-perfect Siq Canyon before being bedazzled by the Treasury and façade tombs. Finally, the reader’s journey culminated with a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle at the Great Wall of China.

Feelings Unmatched

Enduring the most unforgettable parts of a journey don’t always come easy. Surely the pain felt as our reader climbed the Great Wall of China was forgotten, however, when they had the rewarding satisfaction of viewing its entirety. That same triumphant feeling was encountered whilst visiting the Inca Ruins of Machu Picchu. Lastly, and most joyfully, the reader described the feeling of embracing the air when they skydived over the scenic city of Dubai.

The unforgettable flavours, breathtaking sights and unmatched feelings that our reader encountered on their travels across the world will remain in their memories for years to come.

6. Our Reader’s Extraordinary Stories: Wanderlust Chronicles from the Road

The world is full of an endless array of beauty, adventure, and discovery. From the Alps of Europe to the savannas of Africa, each location has its own set of unique stories. Readers of our magazine have ventured near and far for their own wanderlust chronicles, and on their journeys, they’ve encountered some extraordinary tales. Here are just a few of them:

  • Mountain of Mystery: Our readers have discovered potential unsolved mysteries while scaling majestic peaks. Some have reported peculiar symbols etched in rocks, documents tucked between crevices, and hidden paths deep in forests.
  • City Unseen: Our readers have found secret passageways leading to hidden parts of cosmopolitan cities. They’ve reported alleys that are entirely unseen, backstreets that hold mysterious tales, and unknown corners that conceal a city’s secrets.
  • Island Unearthed: Readers of our magazine have explored islands laden with forgotten secrets. They’ve experienced ancient ruins, seen mysterious tombs, and encountered signs of long-forgotten civilizations.

Our readers’ journey has been exciting, unique, and unpredictable. They have gone into the unknown in search of discoveries, and they have come back with unforgettable stories. Every weekend, we can expect to hear remarkable stories from across the world – journeys in search of a lifetime.

Reading the tales of adventure, courage, and exploration shared by our readers has been an absolute delight! As the Wanderlust Chronicles come to an end, we hope everyone can take the spirit of adventure, take a step out of their comfort zone, and explore the beautiful world around them! Until then, happy travels!

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